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About Ritzman CLC

  • Ritzman CLC was rated Excellent by the Ohio State Board of Education.
  • The school is among the top schools in Akron Public Schools in all five sections of the Ohio Proficiency Test.
  • Teachers have an average of 23 years of experience, and 68% hold a master's degree or higher.
  • Ritzman CLC was instrumental in winning a Network for Systemic Improvement Continuation grant from the Ohio Department of Education for the Ellet Cluster.

Ritzman CLC Programs:

  • Intervention-Based Assessment Model, which involves intervention specialists, regular classroom teachers and parent volunteers working together to help classroom teachers provide specialized programs and support for students
  • Extended-day reading and math classes
  • Title 1-sponsored tutors
  • I Promise 

Ritzman CLC Mission Statement:

“In partnership, the students, families, staff and community of Ritzman School are committed to providing an educational journey which empowers all students to become lifelong learners.”

Ritzman CLC

History of Ritzman CLC

The original Ritzman school building was constructed in 1891 as the original Ellet High School and was later demolished. Additions were made in 1895 (subsequently demolished), 1916, 1921, 1952 and 1964. The school was renamed in honor of John Curtis Ritzman (1875-1963), who worked for the Ellet Township Board of Education in 1913. From 1929 until his retirement in 1944, he served as a custodian for Ellet High School. Shortly after the new high school was constructed, additions were made to the old building. The Ellet community decided to show their admiration for the many years of loyal service which Ritzman had provided the district by renaming the building in his honor. The new CLC building opened to students for classes on August 26, 2009, and was dedicated on August 21.