Principal's All Call 8/11/20

Principal's All Call 8/11/20
Posted on 08/11/2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last night at Akron’s Board of Education meeting, the new Back to Learning Calendar was set. 

Here are a few updates.

August 24 – First Day for Teachers

September 9 – First Day for Grades 8-9, 12

September 10 – First Day for Grades 2-4, 10

September 11 – First Day for Grades 5-7, 11

September 14 – First Day for Grades Pre-K, K-1

I know this is a relief to finally hear an opening date for your child this school year. I also realize, as do Akron Public Schools, this is difficult for parents and students to continue to wait until finalized plans are made. I promise as updates are made, I will continue to share the information. Opening school remotely is unprecedented, so we are designing the best for you and your child.

In the meantime here are some items to review:

You should have received an opening school packet from APS that included the Parent handbook and an opening letter with a “Snapcode”  so that you can log on and update your child’s school record which includes, address, email addresses and phone numbers. Let me know if you need assistance to complete.

I am also posting homeroom lists starting on Wednesday, August 12th. They will be posted on our main front doors. Just know, a lot of thought and care went into creating these homerooms and teacher selection. These are our set homerooms for this school year. As you prepare for the start date, our Ritzman Website through contains school supply lists. It is posted by teachers’ names. Other updates include, there is no uniform this school year, but children are expected to be dressed and presentable for the camera during their daily online Google Meet with teachers and classmates. If you are having difficulty connecting to wifi and your child is unable to log into the APS Portal due to connectivity issues, please email or call me with your concern. There are some hot spots still available. Finally, if you ordered a yearbook last year, they are here at the school. If you would like to purchase a yearbook, you may for $15 cash only. I will be available to help distribute tomorrow, August 12th and Friday, August 14th.

Other updates that we are waiting for more information include: 

When and What will Open House look like this year

How teachers will contact students and parents with their Google Classroom code

What A Typical day schedule might look like and...

What if my child can not complete Google Classroom during the day

These are questions that are getting answered soon by APS. 

I promise as updates are made, I will continue to share the information. Please continue to follow APS’s website at-  and click on the Reopening icon for current information. Tech support is still available at the high schools or you  may come to Ritzman on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 9 until 1:00pm. Finally, today during one of our principal’s meetings, there was a discussion about COVID 19. Children’s Hospital still recommends keeping our children safe and healthy by hand washing often, wearing a clean mask, and keeping social distance.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Call the school at 330-761-7903 or email me at [email protected]Hang in there! I know this is unusual and difficult! Love Ya!  Mrs. McIntosh 
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