Principal's All Call 3-8-21

Principal's All Call 3-8-21
Posted on 03/07/2021

Dear Ritzman Family,

Kindergarten through 2nd grade ONLY will return to in-person TOMORROW. YAY!!! 3rd-5th will continue logging in with their teachers remotely Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, 3rd-5th grade will be asynchronous.  Teachers will assign learning activities and assignments on the days noted above in their Google Classroom. In regards to updates, we may be sending more updates throughout the week. Be sure to check your emails periodically. Keep in mind that all routines and protocols have changed to keep students and staff healthy from COVID while maintaining social distancing. 

There are 3 things to keep in mind with everything. #1 Be Patient #2 Be Kind  #3 Anticipate all NEW routines and procedures when students return

I am sharing the Remote teachers for Ritzman students.

Kindergarten- Desiree Pernice     1st Grade-Marianne Pramuka   2nd Grade- Janet Hazlett

3rd Grade- Kelly Goodpasture  4th Grade- Jennifer Williams   

5th Grade- Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Loan

Dress Code

Students are not required to wear uniforms for the remainder of this year. It is important for students to wear appropriate clothing to school. Review the information in this document.  Reopening Dress Code-No Uniform, but…


EVERYONE in the school will wear masks. Masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times and be worn in a properly fitted manner, covering the nose and mouth and over the chin. Here is some more information about masks. Gaiters and bandanas are not approved PPE masks.  Masks may have print on them, however, staff and students should have on school-appropriate masks. 


What Children should bring 

Here are a few items that students will need to bring to school; sharpened pencils, Chromebook and Charger, Backpack, Math book and other workbooks, crayons, pencils, dry erase boards and other items they are currently using in remote, but NO TOYS or other electronic devices may be brought to school

Breakfast- Breakfast will be served between 8:00am and 8:25 am. If students are eating breakfast, they will enter door #8 at 8:00 am. Only students are to enter door #8. After they are finished eating, they will be sent to the classrooms. Students not eating will arrive at 8:15am and enter through the main door #1.

Specials- Students who are in-person will receive all 4 of their specials and will go to the special teacher’s classroom. While there, masks must be worn and proper social distancing.

Waterfountains and movement in hallways- Students and staff will not be allowed to drink directly from the water fountains. Disposable cups will be used for everyone to get a drink from the water fountains.

Lunch & Recess- Lunch will be eaten in the cafeteria with students sitting 6ft apart so they can take their masks down to eat. Recess will be by classroom cohorts. This means there will not be a whole group of students as we have had in the past. Homeroom teachers will be with their students. Remote students may still pick up lunches in the parking lot.

Here are the ARRIVAL procedures.

  • During morning arrival, the traffic pattern is ONE WAY. There is no turn around after pulling up to the  curb as directed by staff members. Cars are to enter via Stetler Avenue and exit at the bottom of the driveway on Canton Road. Drivers may ONLY turn right.

  • To make arrival run smoothly, we need cars to continue to move up and unload more than one car at a time. 

  • Children should exit the car from the curb side ONLY  and enter the building. This will allow traffic to flow without backup.

  • Please be patient in the car line. Children should be ready to exit and stay alert to other cars and pedestrians.

  • If students are eating breakfast, they will enter door #8 at 8:00 am.

  • For students not eating, they will enter door #1 and will go directly to their homeroom class starting at 8:15 am.

  • Students should NOT  arrive prior to 8:00 am.

Here are the DISMISSAL procedures.

  • Ritzman’s Main Parking Lot will be closed in the afternoons at first. No one should enter the parking lot until 2:30pm and after. No parking lot entry Office entry after 2:00 pm.

  • Special Education vehicles, YMCA workers and Daycare transportation ONLY will enter before the 2:30 pm time and park at the main curb by door #1.

  • Students will be dismissed beginning at 2:30 pm in 4 groups: students who walk home, students who go to Daycare, students who will walk to the church/lower lot and students being picked up by a parent driver at the curb via the main parking lot . Dismissal will be in that order.

  • Students walking on their own, to home will be released first. Intermediate students will exit via door 2. Primary will exit via door 1. Students must leave the campus and walk directly home.

  • The next group of students dismissed are the ones riding Special Education vehicles and Daycare transportation. The vehicles will load and leave  our driveway. 

  • The next group is students walking to the church/lower lot and across Canton Road to the church parking lot. They will use the crosswalk with the safety patrol to access the lower parking lot and Canton Road. Parents and Guardians may wait near the stairs or fence to meet their students. Other parents walking up to school will need to wait here with their photo id and dismissal placard. Adults must have a placard in their possession before students will be released.

  • Finally, parent drivers should not come to school prior to 2:30 pm. All drivers will be picking up students from the main curb (like arrival)  by driving through our parking lot after walkers and daycare students are dismissed.  All parent drivers must have a placard on their dashboard or in their possession before students will be released. If an adult is picking up multiple students, the placards for each student must be displayed on the dashboard or in possession. No exceptions!


  • Each family will receive two placards on the first day of students returning. (March 8th  for KG, 1st and 2nd graders & March 15th for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders) 

FOR THE FIRST DAY ONLY place a sheet of paper with each child’s first and last name IN LARGE PRINT on your front dash

Have a driver's license ready to show staff at the curb.

  • Children will enter the car on the curb side ONLY quickly and the driver will continue down the driveway.

  • Please be patient in the car line, display your school issued placard, and stay alert to other cars and pedestrians.  Thanks for your help to keep all of our students and families safe!

Finally,I know things are not perfect, but we will be Successful! Ritzman staff have been working hard to develop Excellent plans for our return to keep families and students safe but we need everyone to follow the plans. Please be patient and kind with others as we may have to adjust our plans if needed. Our children are the most valuable treasure we have. Let’s get them back into school safely!

Love Ya Much!  

 Mrs. M   💓

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